Automated customer service systems: voice recognition and mobile multimedia applications Replacement capital 2009-2017
Management of free-download software and mobile applications websites Replacement capital 2011-2013
Vet pharmaceutical products development and manufacturing MBO 2005-2012
Surveillance services and alarms and security system installation OBO 2004-2011
Technical isolating paneling services: heat-resistant, ceramic fibers OBO 2004-2012
Passive fire protection: materials resistance and smoke evacuation MBO 2004-2008
Manufacturing of single lever ceramic cartridges and other bathroom fittings OBO 2002-2007
Logistics and management of product and advertising material services in point of sale Development capital 2001-2006
Manufacturing of fatty acids and derivatives MBO 2000-2007
Development of interactive digital television applications Start-up 2000-2004
Flavors and fragrances manufacturing OBO 1999-2007
Telecommunications operator addressed to Spanish SMEs and individuals Start-up 1999-2000
Candy and chewing gum manufacturing. Owner of Pectol, Palotes, Cheiw and Dulcigel brands MBO 1998-2001
Tights, panties and underwear manufacturing. Owner of Marie Claire and Kler brands MBO 1998-2005
Solid waste recycling equipment manufacturing MBI 1998-2001