Carlos Prado Alicia Rodriguez-Lazaro Juan Carvajal Pablo Bilbao Carlos Lomas Lorenzo Thams

«The management team of Espiga Capital has extensive experience working together in Private Equity transactions»

The business model of Espiga Capital is based on a reduced and consolidated management team that holds a multidisciplinary education and experience in first class schools and firms. This ensures both a direct dealing with principals and a higher speed in decision-making processes.

The management team is pioneer in private equity in Spain and accumulates a wide experience in the key aspects of the business:

  • Relationship with a wide network of advisors and M&A boutiques
  • Deal structuring: alignment schemes for the different types of shareholders in each company, as it may be appropriate considering the nature of the business
  • Association, support and collaboration with management teams:
    • Designing and implementation of incentive plans
    • Involvement in the value-creation process during our stay in the capital of the company

The management team of Espiga Capital works under flexible, creative and analytical schemes, looking for consensual positions with the stakeholders of each company, both during the investment or divestment processes and the follow-up of our portfolio companies.