«We acquire significant capital stakes in profitable companies with solid and committed management teams»

We participate in transactions that require shareholders' alignment and satisfaction of their interests, usually the case in the following contexts:

  • Family-owned businesses who sell equity to get liquidity or because of succession reasons
  • Companies that sell subsidiaries or non-strategic assets
  • Management teams willing to get access to the share capital
  • Replacement of shareholders that are in disagreement with the existing strategy or that are looking for liquidity
  • Development capital


Espiga Capital invests in consolidated business projects with sustainable growth plans.

  • Profitable companies with:
    • High returns on capital employed
    • A proven track record of positive cash flow generation
  • In any field of activity, except for real estate and financial services
  • Preferably within niches with high entry barriers, products or services with competitive advantages


Our goal is to acquire majority stakes in the share capital of the target companies. Occasionally we buy minority but significant shareholdings, in the framework of fragmented shareholdings and shareholders' agreements that both ensure the alignment of interests among the shareholders (as from the date of the investment), and regulate all corporate governance relevant matters.


Our equity investments range from 8 to 20 million euro and are made in companies that fulfill certain scale parameters, estimated in around €20 million of sales and €2 million of EBITDA.


We lead control takeover (Buyouts: MBO, MBI, OBO) and development capital deals always in association with management teams. The management team is responsible for the daily business operations and is a key issue in our investment strategy.

The management team must:

  • Be solid, capable and motivated
  • Be committed with the project and participate in the share capital (sharing risks and benefits)
  • Agree with Espiga an attractive business plan